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The professional Interiorscapers at The Dutch Plant Farm have been designing, installing, and caring for indoor plants in homes and offices in and around Frederick, MD for more than 40 years! But some people don’t know about these great indoor plant services.

Keep reading to learn about Interiorscaping and how it can benefit your home or office!

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What does interiorscape mean?

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Palm plant in a pot for the home from Dutch Plant Farm Interiorscape

Think of Interiorscape as interior design meets landscaping for your home or office. So, why do you need it? Not only do live plants make your space look great, but they also boost morale, filter air, and reduce stress. It’s a win-win. Unlike other interiorscape businesses, we offer plants directly from our own greenhouse, allowing us to provide you with options that best suit your needs without waiting or additional upfront charges. Who has time to worry about plant maintenance? Our team is ready to help you design the perfect look within your budget. We offer a no-fuss, no-muss service that only requires a phone call to get started.

Want to bring the best of the outdoors inside? Ask us about living wall design and installation. Living walls are a contemporary green building that dramatically introduces nature indoors. These vertical plantings deliver a guaranteed “WOW” factor!

Indoor Plant Services for Home or Office

At Dutch Plant Farm, our team of Interiorscape Professionals are specifically trained in all aspects of design, installation, and care of indoor plants for the home or office. We only send professionals who take the time to attend to plant health and appearance in ways that employees and busy families often don’t have the time or experience to do themselves.

Did you know that Interiorscaping, also known as Plantscaping, in homes and offices has a significant positive impact on the overall health and well-being of those who live or work there?

Numerous studies show how important plants are to air quality and general aesthetics. This, in turn, provides a measurable improvement in physical wellness and mental health that positively affects employee attendance and productivity and student performance by creating an environment that promotes satisfaction and happiness.

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Interiorscapes for your office

Green isn’t just a color anymore – it’s a basic element for healthy buildings. Living plants provide a simple and cost-effective way to improve indoor air quality, reduce stress, promote productivity, and contribute to a host of other physical and psychological benefits.

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Our Professional Interiorscapers design and install custom plantscapes to suit your needs. Whether you have a traditional space or are interested in a biophilic design for your office that incorporates greenery, living walls, and natural materials like bark or moss in the art of bringing nature indoors, our Interiorscapers will exceed your expectations.

We can even make locations with low levels of natural light work with our Interiorscape Services. The large selection in our greenhouse offers many beautiful plants with lower light needs. In addition, we offer services that rotate plants in low light situations back to our greenhouse for sunlight therapy.

With our services, we take care of the maintenance, so you only have to worry about enjoying the key health, aesthetic, and morale benefits that come with the indoor greenery that only living plants can provide.

We are professionals and taking care of plants is our business, it shouldn’t have to be yours!

Current Trends

Easy to care for plants are extremely popular in offices right now, including the more common Monstera Deliciosa, Zamioculcus Zamifolia (ZZ plant), and Succulents. But some unusual varieties are also easy to care for, such as the Sansevieria (Snake Plant), colorful Aglaonemas (Chinese Evergreen) and blooming Bromeliads.

Beyond these many options, Dutch Plant Farm has a greenhouse full of tropical plants to help your space stand out and provide for every design need or want.

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Why Outsource Plant Services?

Even easy to care for plants need maintenance. By outsourcing your interior plant services, your staff can focus on tasks specific to your company goals, while benefiting from the environment.

Our trained staff can install your new interiorscape within 2 weeks, with ongoing weekly plant care that includes watering, cleaning, pruning, non-chemical pest prevention, and free replacement of any plant that declines in health or appearance for the life of your contract with us.

A call or email is all you need to get started. Our designer will come to your office for a free consultation to discuss the ways interior plants can enhance the design and functionality of your building and will provide a no-cost proposal to suit your layout and budget.

Interiorscapes for your home

Numerous studies show that houseplants are important to indoor air quality and the overall health and happiness of you and your family. Those benefits sounds great, but we know you are busy and taking care of houseplants might be just one more chore that you don’t have time to fit into your day. That’s where we come in.

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Our caring, professional staff has been caring for our residential customer’s indoor plant needs for almost 40 years!

We always start with a free in-home consultation with one of our Interiorscape Designers where we listen to your needs. We want to know your thoughts and how you see living plants enhancing your home’s overall design and décor. Once we hear what you have to say, we’ll suggest suitable plants for your lighting and foot traffic so that your plants compliment your  and provide the greatest health benefits for you and your family.

How do I get started with interiorscaping?

A call at 301-694-7012 or email to is all it takes to get started.

Our Interiorscape Designer will come to your location for a free consultation to discuss ways our plants can enhance the design and functionality of your space in a way that suits your layout and budget. Afterwards we’ll provide a no-obligation proposal and estimate.

Once we have an agreement in place, our team will get started handpicking the best plants from our greenhouse, and perfectly arranging them to compliment your space.

After installation is complete, your maintenance begins which includes…

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