What is Interiorscape?

Think of Interiorscape as interior design meets landscaping for your home or office. So, why do you need it? Not only do live plants make your space look great, but they also boost moral, filter air, and reduce stress. It’s a win-win. Unlike other interiorscape businesses, we offer plants directly from our own greenhouse, allowing us to get you what you need, whenever you need it, without any upfront charge for installation. Who has time to worry about plant maintenance? Our team is ready to help you design the perfect look within your budget. We offer a no fuss, no muss service that only requires a phone call to get started.

Want to bring the best of the outdoors inside? Ask us about living wall design and installation. Living walls are a contemporary green building that dramatically introduce nature indoors. These vertical plantings deliver a guaranteed “WOW” factor!

How Does it Work?

Our service begins with a free consultation at your location followed by a proposal/estimate. Once approved, the best plants are handpicked from our very own greenhouse, and then perfectly arranged to compliment your space. After installation is complete, weekly maintenance begins which includes…

  • Watering
  • Cleaning, polishing, and removing debris or imperfect leaves
  • Preventative pest treatment, as needed
  • Replacing plants, as needed
  • Complimentary loan of additional plants for events up to 2x/yr
  • Installation of complimentary poinsettias for holiday season